Jaypee Greens Estate Homes
Estate luxury homes are built on approx 836 sq. mts of area...
Greater Noida

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Estate Homes - Overview

Designed as an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary plans, these gracious Estate luxury homes are built on approx 836 sq. mts of area (built up area approx 669 sq. mts). These estate luxury homes are most discrete property in Greater Noida with outstanding view of landscaped greens.

Adjacent to the golf course, these homes follow the principle of interconnecting spaces, a home with clean lines and details, and with more open spaces. Estate Homes at Greater Noida residential project are available in shell and core option with provision for large dining area, spacious bedrooms, a play room, spa suite and courtyards all ready to be dressed up in individualistic style.

Enjoy an evening under the stars in the courtyard or pamper the soul in your private spa suite. The possibilities here are as wide as your imagination. Dress it up in myriad ways to complement your vision of an elegant and refined life.

Estate Homes - Specification

The following shall be provided as a part of the Demised Premises:
Building Structure
  • Water proofing for the basement area
  • Anti termite treatment
  • Standard foundations with stone piling for soil densification
  • Basement & floors with a height of about 3 mtrs. each
  • Brick walls and RCC columns, beams and slab
  • All internal walls plastered in cement plaster
  • Plain cement concrete flooring
  • Mangalore tiled roofing on sloping roofs
  • Plumbing ready to receive fixtures
  • GI Piping till inlet
  • Boundary wall, planters and gate
  • Railings in balconies
  • Teak Wood / Aluminium doors and windows
  • Stone and / or Stucco treatment in the façade
  • Landscaping in external courtyards as per design
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Fire alarm system
Internal Conduiting Internal conduits in concrete slabs for
  1. Electrical wiring
  2. Telephone / Intercom
  3. Cable TV / internet connectivity
  • Connectivity at single point at periphery of the house for the following: Pressurised Water supply, Electricity supply, Sewerage, Drainage, Telephone, Intercom, Cable TV, Internet.
  • Security:
    • 24 Hours manned perimeter security for the complex
    • Provision for linking of burglar alarm system to central control room for the complex
    • Provision for linking of fire detection system to central control room for the complex
The following shall not be provided as a part of the Demised Premises:
  • Internal Doors and windows or any other wood work
  • Counter, slabs, fittings, sinks, or any kind of fittings and fixtures in kitchen, toilets or any other area
  • Overhead and / or underground water tanks
  • Wiring, switches, electrical fitting(s) / fixtures, etc.
  • Any other thing not specifically mentioned in (A) part above

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Estate Homes - Floor Plans

Floor Plans Basement Plan Ground Floor Plan
Basement Plan Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
Floor Plans Basement Plan Ground Floor Plan
Basement Plan Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
Floor Plans Basement Plan Ground Floor Plan
Basement Plan Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan Estate Homes, Residential, Greater Noida
First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
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Estate Homes - Price List

Estates homes have a super area along with a basement of about 500 sq. ft on approx, 1400 sq. yds and 1000 sq. yds. of Land. With a variety of designs to choose from, these Estate Homes offer the following choices:

Particulars Sealable Super Area Approx. (Sq. Yd) Super Area Approx.
(Sq. Ft.)
Estate Homes 1000 7200 Rs 162202.7/- Rs. 15069/-
Rs 151438.7/- Rs. 145069/-

  1. Estate Homes in "shell and Core" option come externally finished only, thereby offering the homeowner the flexibility to customize the interiors.
  2. One Privilege membership of Jaypee Greens Golf Club shall be offered free with the Estate Homes.
  1. Conversion Rates of USD, UKP, and Eruo & Other Currency applicable on the date of credit of the sales Proceeds to the Company's Bank Account.
  2. Firm price only in INR.
  3. The rates are for the indicated Super area and are inclusive of lease rent.
  4. The Preferential Location Charges (PLC), wherever applicable shall be charged extra
  5. Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, etc., shall be payable by the Allottee.
  6. Maintenance charges as per maintenance agreement shall be payable by the allottee separately.
  7. The interest free maintenance deposit @ Rs. 75.00 per sq. ft. of super areas shall be payable extra before handing over of possession of the premises to the allottee.
  8. Areas are indivative only. Actual chargeable super area shall be computed based on "As built" plans.
  9. Any variation in the super area shall be charged as per terms of provisional allotment. However the company retains the absolute right to decide the maximum and minimum built up areas in the allotted premises.
  10. The super area shall include the covered area of the demised premises inclusive of the area under the periphery walls, area under columns and walls within the demised premises, half of the area of the wall common with the other premises adjoining the demised premises, cupboards, plumbing, electrical/lifts, shafts of the demised premises, AC legers, total area of the balconies, 50% of the terraces and 1% towards the share of common areas.
  11. Land alone shall not be available.
  12. The other terms and conditions shall be as per the Application Form, Standard Terms and Conditions and the Allotment Letter of the Company.
  13. The prices are subject to revision /withdrawal at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the Company.
  14. Privilege Membership of Jaypee Greens Social Club is subject to terms & conditions as may be laid down by the Company from time to time.
  15. Government Taxes as applicable from time to time shall be payable by the allottee in addition to the sale price as stated above.
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Estate Homes - Payment Plan

S. No Stages of Construction in the unit Percentage (%)
1 Earnest Money, at the time of Application 10%
2 On or before 3 months of the Application 10%
3 On or before 6 months of the Application 10%
4 On Commencement of foundation work/piling work 10%
5 On Commencement of foundation work 10%
6 On Commencement of Ground floor Roof slab 9%
7 On Commencement of First floor Roof slab 9%
8 On Commencement of Second floor Roof slab 9%
9 On Commencement of Sanitary Piping and Electrical Conduits 9%
10 On completion of plaster flooring 9%
11 On offer of possession 5%
  TOTAL 100%

Notes and Remarks:
  1. Installment under S. No. 4-10 shall be based on actual progress of construction work at site and shall become payable by the allottee by the allottee on demand by the Company irrespective of the serial order in which they are listed above.
  2. Installment under S. No. 4-10 may run concurrently with those under S.No. 1-3 based on the physical progress of work at site.
S. No Stages of Construction in the unit Percentage (%)
1 Earnest Money 10%
2 On or before 1 month of the Application 85%
3 On offer of possession 5%
  TOTAL 100%

NOTE: Down payment discount as currently applicable.
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Estate Homes - Location Map

Not Available
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