Jaypee Greens Country Homes
. The Country Homes are plots at Sports City that gives you an opportunity to design your dream home...

Sports City Yamuna Expressway
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Country Homes - Overview

Jaypee Sports city lets you shape your imagination into a dream dwelling. The Country Homes are plots at Sports City that gives you an opportunity to design your dream home to match your unique taste and lifestyle.

On the outside of these Jaypee Homes you may choose to have a lush landscaped garden that give you refreshing views and a chance to be closer to nature. On the inside you can either have less number of rooms that are spaciously designed or more number of rooms that are efficiently designed. Choose from a wide range of specifications for the interiors such as the wall finish, light fittings, doors/windows, woodwork, flooring etc. Overall you may describe these as 'self styled homes'.

Jaypee Greens Country Homes at Sports City is among the most elegant residential homes that offer residential plots options on 101 acres of land. The size of the plots at Country Homes varies from 200 sq meters to 4000 sq meters. The eco friendly environment and lavish surroundings at Country Homes gives you a magnificent lifestyle at an exceptionally reasonable price.

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Country Homes - Price List

BSP (Rs. Per Sq. M) BSP (Rs. Per Sq. Yd.)
38,750 32,400
Additional Service Tax, as applicable

Other Applicable Charges:
S. No. Payment Head Charges/Rate Charges/Rate
1 Internal Development Charges (IDC) Rs. 1076 per Sq. m Rs. 900 per Sq. Yd.
2 Electric Sub Station Charges (ESSC) Rs. 598 per Sq. m Rs. 500 per Sq. Yd.
3 Social Club Membership Rs. 1 Lac
4 One Time Lease Rent charges Rs. 718 per Sq. m Rs. 600 per Sq. Yd.
5 Maintenance Advance Rs. 24 per Sq. m. Per month Rs. 20 per Sq. Yd. Per month
6 Interest Free Maintenance Deposit (IFMD) Rs. 718 per Sq. m Rs. 600 per Sq. Yd.

  1. Maintenance charges/Deposits shall be payable by the allottee in addition to consideration as follows:-
    1. The one time interest Free Maintenance deposit @ Rs. 718/- per sq. m (Rs. 600.00 per sq. yd.) shall be payable upon the offer of possession of the premises to the allottee.
    2. Maintenance charges for the first first year shall be payable in advance upon the offer of possession @ Rs. 24/- per sq. m (Rs. 20/- per sq. yd) per month.
  2. Areas are indicative only.
  3. All plans and layouts are subject to change.
  4. Increase / decrease of the plot area shall be charged proportionately as per the allotment terms.
  5. The other terms and conditions shall be as per the application form and the provisional allotment letter of the company
  6. The prices are subjec to revision / withdrawal at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the company.
  7. The actual maintenance charges shall be based on the actual cost incurred by the concerned maintenance agency.
  8. Government taxes including service tax as applicable from time to time shall be payable by the allottee are extra.
  9. Administrative charges for the first trasfer of provisional allotment would be free. The transfer shall be allowed only after issuance of provisional allotment letter and after payment of at least 30% of BSP. The administrative charges for subsequent transfers are currently fixed @ Rs. 1196 per sq. m (Rs. 1000 per sq. yard) of the plot area. However these rates are subject to review /change every year.
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Country Homes - Payment Plan

(A) Development Linked Payment Plan
S. No Payment Due On Percentage (%) of BSP Other Applicable Charges
1 On Booking along with Application Form As Applicable *  
2 On or within 1 month from the date of issuance
of PAL
20% of BSP - Booking Amount  
3 On Earth filling 10% of BSP  
4 On Leveling 15% of BSP  
5 On Demarcation 15% of BSP  
6 On laying of services (drainage & sewage) 10% of BSP Electric Substation charges
7 On completion of road work 10% of BSP  
8 On laying of electrical & water supply services 10% of BSP PLC + IDC
9 On offer of Possession 10% of BSP Social Club Charges+ IFMD + Maintenance Advance + One time lease rent charges
  TOTAL 100%  

* Booking Amount: 5% of BSP

  1. Installment under S. No. 3 to 8 may run concurrently with those under S. No. 1 to 2 based on the physical progress of Work at site.
  2. The demand letter for installments at S. No. 3 to 8 shall be sent in advance providing for payment period of up to 15 days.
S. No Payment Due Percentage
(%) of BSP
Other Applicable Charges
1 On Booking along with Application Form As Applicable *  
2 On or within 1 month from the date of issuance
of PAL
90% of BSP (Less Booking Amount*) PLC + IDC + Electric Substation charges
5 On offer of Possession 10% Social Club Charges + IFMD + Maintenance Advance + One time lease rent charges
  TOTAL 100%  

Note: Down payment discount based on the stage of development at the time of issuance of PAL

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Country Homes - Site Plan

Site Plan Country Homes Sports City
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Country Homes - Location Map

View Country Homes on Google Map
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